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High Efficiency (provides cryogenic vapor storage for the longest hold time within the industry)

  • 800 -190C
  • 1500 -190C
  • 1800 -190C

H Eco (provides cryogenic vapor storage with the highest sample security within the industry)

  • 800 Series
  • 1500 Series
  • 1800 Series

MVE Vario Series (innovative and energy efficient alternative for ultra low temperatures to cryogenic storage)

MVE Series (provides stable cryogenic storage primarily designed for liquid)

MVE 816P-2T-190 (maintains a constant temperature allowing for vapor storage at near liquid nitrogen temperatures)

MVE Stock Series (used for vapor storage in addition to being engineered for liquid storage)

MVE Cabinet Series (provides maximum storage density for the longest hold time within the industry)

MVE CryoCart (provides transport for large quantities of samples within facilities)

MVE TEC 3000 (enables monitoring and controlling of the local environment with a high precision level)

MVE 1536 Dry Shipper (Ideal for transporting and relocation of samples)